By Asia Education Review Team , Monday, 29 April 2024

Japan-India University Fostering academic, and Cultural Exchanges

  • IIT Guwahati and Gifu University of Japan have recently solidified their collaboration through the signing of memorandums of understanding (MoUs) as part of the broader Indo-Japan educational partnership. A representative from the Consulate-General of Japan in Mumbai highlighted Japan's imperative to enhance its educational systems' global compatibility to bolster international competitiveness. The emphasis lies on fostering education, research, and skilled human resources capable of positively impacting global peace and prosperity.

    To address this goal, Japan, through the Central Council for Education, has been deliberating on the need for mechanisms enabling its universities to establish joint programmes and confer academic degrees in collaboration with foreign counterparts. These programmes should adhere to stringent quality assurance standards, ensuring the credibility of conferred degrees and the efficacy of offered programmes.

    The collaboration between Gifu University and IIT Guwahati traces back to 2010, with significant strides made in 2019 through the introduction of joint degree programmes at the master's and doctoral levels in various fields, including the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology. These initiatives, including double degree (DD) and joint degree (JD) programmes, aim to foster structured and ongoing cooperation between Japanese and foreign universities.

    In detailing the objectives of these joint degree programmes, the representative referenced guidelines set forth by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology. These guidelines, while non-binding, provide a foundational framework for universities to develop and execute joint degree programmes effectively. By adhering to these guidelines, institutions can ensure the quality and integrity of the degrees and programmes offered within the collaborative framework.

    Overall, the collaboration between IIT Guwahati and Gifu University represents a significant step in fostering international educational partnerships, aligned with Japan's broader efforts to enhance its global educational standing and competitiveness.