By Asia Education Review Team , Tuesday, 09 July 2024

Tala Conducts Financial Education Workshop and MSME Exhibit in Championing Entrepreneurship

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs, owners of MSMEs, and any business enthusiast will be pyramided inside a learning-bud-filled and activity-packed program on 13 July 2024, as Tala Philippines holds TALAkayan with Salve Duplito at the Trinoma Activity Center in Quezon City. Tala is the world's first fintech company for the Global Majority, running financial education workshops labeled as TALAkayan. These will be spearheaded by the financial literacy advocate and money expert Salve Duplito. They will teach attendees basic money management skills and tools that will help them start owning their finances toward attaining their financial goals. Participating individuals will also be able to engage in fun games testing, at the same time, how much they know about money and win prizes.

    For the 13th edition of TALAkayan, Tala is mounting an exhibit parallel to the learning session as it ties up with Iskaparate, a platform that aids micro-entrepreneurs in having a digital presence. This exhibit will feature 16 homegrown entrepreneurs who have products that include crocheted items and clay creations, baked boneless bangus, and bagoong. Anybody can drop by the exhibit starting 10 a.m. up to 10 p.m., especially all those who wish to support local brands and enterprises.

    The TALAkayan workshops have already benefited 1,105 participants from various parts of the metro, many of whom are entrepreneurs or aspiring to be. Among the valuable financial techniques shared by Salve Duplito were teaching the participants how to create a net income statement. "Access to financial education is very important for all Filipinos, and I am glad that Tala is able to extend this opportunity to entrepreneurial mothers, housewives, and other individuals through the TALAkayan workshop. Hopefully, we will be able to aid and improve their business and their financial lives in general", said Duplito.

    Salve Duplito, Founder and president of Empower and Transform, works tirelessly to change this reality in the Philippine financial landscape by education and literacy. Her team assumes every workshop to be interactive, inspirational, relevant, and transformative in opening up technical knowledge and deepening innovative capacities in the audience toward thinking and solving problems.

    Tala offers very accessible financial services, guiding budding entrepreneurs step by step. With a few clicks on their smartphones, they can apply for a loan to be used as capital for a food distributor business, a sari-sari store, or even as small as selling ready-to-eat meals online. Borrower limits, considering on-time repayment, are expanded to help them grow their businesses more.

    "Tala has always been a reliable and trusted partner to MSME owners. Other than providing them easy access to flexible and convenient online credit to support their businesses, we would also like to empower them in their financial journey through our TALAkayan workshops", said Missy Santos, senior marketing manager of Tala. "Customers' success stories inspire us further to strengthen our commitment to bridge this financial gap for the Global Majority".

    On July 13, there will be an exhibit of different homegrown and self-made businesses and entrepreneurs involved in the Iskaparate network. This will be represented institutionally by reputably acknowledged representatives, making it a great deal in networking and support for local enterprises.

    It will have workshop participants create vision boards, which is part of the outline clients make for their goals and dreams one of the most exciting workshops to inspire and motivate. The workshop begins at 2 PM, with all walk-ins welcome on site for registration before the session.

    Apart from workshops, the commitment of Tala toward the entrepreneurship community extends into year-round activities where the program has empowered thousands since its inception. From just four students in the summer of 2017, it has evolved into a full-fledged, year-round practice with bi-annual sessions in the spring and fall. The following year will see Tala graduate over 50 interns, doubling its training capacity in years to come, all as part of its overriding plan to further commit to UAE education and human capital development.

    For more information regarding the event, check out Tala's official Facebook page and website. Starting at 10 AM, the exhibit will extend until 10 PM, so most of the day will be given to any interested visitor to tour the products and innovations of local entrepreneurs. The workshop was also said to empower the participants with knowledge and skills that will help them thrive in financial and business ventures.