By Persainjit Singh, Co-Founder & CEO,

E-Learning: The New Cool In Education

  • From communicating with people to making payments online, technology has made our lives so simple and hassle-free. Technology has made huge inroads in India just as in other parts of the world. Today, everything is available at the touch of a button. Online learning is catching on a big way with laptops and other gadgets available at the touch of a button. Apart from being a low cost, online courses can opt anytime and anywhere. It fits well into the busy routine of people of the 21st century. Nowadays, education has become much more than a teacher talking to students. E-learning has come up with new ways of learning to develop a student's mindset beyond schooling education.

    With the use of graphics, e-learning is easily recallable and has a long-lasting impact on the reader's mind. It also provides education in different languages of their own choice. E-learning helps you to achieve education goals more easily and flexibly than traditional learning.

    According to a KMPG study, the online education industry in India is expected to register a six-fold growth by 2021 to 9.6 million (from 1.6 million users in 2016) and estimated at $1.96 billion.

    E-learning has become the new cool in education. It comes with some pretty awesome advantages, such as:

    Consistency - Using an e-learning platform to study gives you consistent data. This results in all learners receiving the same kind of learning.

    Higher Retention Rate - Gamified versions of learning and challenging quizzes result in a higher retention rate. Plus, the coursework can be updated whenever needed.

    Time and Money Savings - E-learning eliminates the need for travel, as you do not need to attend classes to learn online. Just switch on the gadget and start learning! It is that simple. Also, there isn't any need for stationery and stuff like that to study online.

    Saves Paper - You can save paper by studying online. E-learning has eliminated the need for printing papers for assessments. There is no doubt to the fact that learning online is fun, time and money-saving and also, you are contributing to the environment by saving paper. What more one could ask for?

    Flexibility - Learning online means learning at your own convenience, and at a place that is right and comfortable for you.

    E-Learning is reducing the gaps in delivering education and giving a new dimension to the education space. It is bringing measurable changes in students' engagement and performance. Unlike the traditional method of learning, e-learning provides personalized learning tools which are fulfilling the demand and supply gap of students. Education is no more confined to boring classrooms and boards, it has become fun with gamified versions and attractive graphics.

    E-learning is bringing schools and universities to homes via computers and mobiles. Students in rural areas and tier 2 and 3 cities have lesser resources to rely on. With the help of e-learning, they can have educators' just one tap away from them. In our country, premier colleges are very less in numbers with even lesser seats. This is one of the reasons why people are depending on online education rather than just the traditional learning methods. Updated data, gamified versions, rewards to study, attractive graphics and what not?

    To make e-learning easier, there are many cloud-based tools that have been introduced in recent years. They make the e-learning easy, sorted and fun! Some of them are mentioned below -

    • Articulate Rise
    • It allows you to create beautiful, inherently responsive e-learning with Rising. It's cloud-based software which automatically adapts courses for every device, using the latest web techniques.
    • Elucidate
    • It is an authoring tool that is designed to help ambitious teams and to create high quality e-learning at scale. Its exceptional and free support helps both novice and experienced authors uncover the full capabilities of the tool.
    • Adobe Captivate
    • It is a desktop application which is available for both Windows and Mac. The most powerful authoring tools in the list is captive, it has its own set of challenges and comes with a steeper learning curve.
    • Evolve
    • It has a unique set of features that gives you control over the creation and presentation of the course. It is an intuitive tool for quickly building powerful eLearning content.
    • Articulate Storyline
    • It has a modest learning curve considering the flexibility it offers. It is a Windows desktop application that represents PowerPoint look and feels.
    • Gomo
    • It is a cloud-based authoring tool that allows you to create web-style content. The courses can be hosted online through the web, or offline using the Gomo app.  

    In a developing country like India, e-learning plays an important role in terms of money and innovation. Today, everybody is on the internet, and learn something new. It acts as a medium for students to develop skills and learn new things just by sitting at home for free of cost.

    Persainjit Singh, Co-Founder & CEO

    Persainjit is the Co-Founder and CEO of and has a B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering from IIT Bombay. After graduating in the year 2006, he worked at Schlumberger oil services for more than a year and moved to AT Kearney and worked as a management consultant till 2017. Persainjit invested in Plaksa coaching institute run by Prakash Gupta in 2008 which incubated the idea of