By Asia Education Review Team , Thursday, 02 May 2024

ATRC Introduces UAE Research Map: Nation's Primary R&D Hub

  • The Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC) in Abu Dhabi has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative known as the UAE Research Map, aimed at revolutionizing the country's research sector and promoting efficiency. Developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Emirates Research and Development Council (ERDC), this centralized resource portal serves as a comprehensive platform for anyone interested in the state of research and development in the UAE.

    The UAE Research Map acts as a nexus for coordinating research endeavors among government agencies, educational institutions, research-focused organizations, and industry partners. By consolidating information and resources, it facilitates access to various research opportunities and activities within the country. Additionally, it functions as a communication channel for announcing significant R&D competitions, job openings, and events.

    With a focus on advancing research as a crucial driver of the economy, the portal offers valuable support mechanisms such as funding opportunities, training programs, mentorship initiatives, networking opportunities, and career guidance, particularly for Emirati talent. Moreover, it serves as a repository for UAE publications, researchers, R&D centers, and relevant policies, offering detailed insights and guidance.

    A significant aspect of the UAE Research Map is its emphasis on intellectual property (IP) opportunities in emerging technologies, as well as providing a comprehensive map of the UAE's R&D ecosystem. Users, including universities and entrepreneurs, are encouraged to contribute by sharing their own research opportunities.

    H.E. Shahab Issa Abu Shahab, Director General of ATRC, highlighted the significance of the launch, emphasizing the platform's role in fostering collaboration and maximizing available resources for research entities and individuals. He underscored the UAE's commitment to rapidly evolving its R&D landscape to keep pace with technological advancements, stating that the centralized portal would serve as a vital tool in uniting key researchers and their ideas.