By Asia Education Review Team , Monday, 08 July 2024

Keysight Empowers SGS for Skylo NTN Certification Testing

  • Keysight Technologies Inc. has enabled SGS to facilitate the Skylo Technologies non-terrestrial network device certification program with Keysight's RF/RRM Carrier Acceptance Toolset for the very purpose. This will drive secure and reliable connectivity via hybrid satellite-terrestrial networks, which has become an emerging requirement of mobile operators.

    Geographical Coverage Under NTN Architectures The move to NTN architectures targets full geographical coverage. Supporting such, chipset and device manufacturers would require tools that would allow them to validate and certify products compatible with new network standards. On the back of this, SGS has integrated NB-N NTN certification into its services and selected Keysight's RCAT for the robust support validation of Skylo test cases.

    SGS has become the very first third-party test lab authorized by Skylo, enabling device certification in support of NTN ecosystem growth. This hits another milestone built on the collaboration among Keysight, SGS, and Skylo and further strengthens Keysight's position as a test equipment provider in the NTN certification space.

    Their further work will be on additional test cases for further releases of the Skylo NTN certification program, underpinning Keysight's long-term commitment to the success of NTN development, which began with the initial test case release in September 2023.

    Comments from Fred Yang, Vice President of SGS Connectivity & Products, included: "The collaboration with Keysight and Skylo enables SGS to offer world-class certification services, which adapt to the evolving needs of our customers. As the first test lab approved by Skylo, SGS is now well-positioned to deliver rapid certification services for a wide range of device manufacturers".

    Dr. Andrew Nuttall, CTO and Co-Founder at Skylo Technologies, homed in on the effect it had on the process of certification: "This partnership automates device certification using validated Skylo test cases to ensure conformance to Skylo and industry standards using Keysight Solutions. This monumental achievement ensures that devices work seamlessly while guaranteeing complete compatibility and seamless integration with the Skylo satellite network to obtain optimal performance.

    "As an NTN pioneer, Keysight is pleased to support SGS in enhancing its testing capabilities through the Skylo NTN certification program", said Lucas Hansen, Vice President of Keysight's Wireless Devices and Operators. "The addition of accredited labs represents an important step toward the ambition of accelerating the deployment of NTN devices with the ambition to digitally connect every region in the world".

    This Keysight-SGS-Skylo Technologies collaboration on NTN certification is said to become one of the biggest steps forward in assuring a connected world while showing a common commitment to the rapid development of NTN-compatible devices.