By Asia Education Review Team , Wednesday, 10 July 2024

Global Mofy Launches Vocational Education Institute for AI Talent Development

  • Global Mofy Metaverse Limited, a technology solutions provider engaged in virtual content production and the development of digital assets for use in the broader digital entertainment industry, announced it has established the Century Mofy Vocational Education Institute to meet the surging demand for trained AI talent and computer graphic artists.

    Located in Zhejiang, China, the Institute is dedicated to developing and supplying specialized talent in Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (“AIGC”) technology development and digital content creation, including a wide range of digital content such as images, videos, text, music, and more. AIGC leverages AI algorithms and machine learning models to generate content autonomously or assist human creators, making it a powerful tool in various industries, including entertainment, marketing, and media.

    The Institute will offer specialized training for AI algorithm engineers, data labeling specialists, and computer graphics artists. During their studies, students will have the opportunity to work on commercial projects, gaining practical experience and directly applying the skills they acquire to meet industry needs. This will support both the upstream and downstream sectors of the industry, as well as its founding company, Global Mofy. The application window is open for students seeking a comprehensive vocational education curriculum that integrates industry practices with standard coursework.

    Mr. Haogang Yang, CEO of Global Mofy, stated, “The AI market is evolving at an unprecedented pace, creating a critical shortage of trained talent worldwide. We aspire to eliminate this growth barrier by fulfilling the rising demand for skilled professionals. Our visionary mission is to drive the advancement of AIGC technology and cultivate creative leaders who will together shape the future of digital entertainment. By seamlessly blending industry practices with rigorous educational standards, we aim to provide students with unparalleled learning experiences and establish new benchmarks in vocational education”.